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FDA Warnings Issued to Autism Therapy Companies

 Posted on May 12, 2014 in Illinois Defective Medical Products Lawyer

Official warnings have been handed out to several companies advertising autism therapies and cures. Five total treatments were flagged in the statement from the FDA, which was announced during Autism Awareness Month. While some of the therapies are noted as useful medical therapies, there have not been scientific studies that show a connection to autism improvement. Giving families false hope is just negative impact of companies peddling defective medical devices or treatments.

One treatment, known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, deploys a pressure chamber to administer high oxygen levels to a patient. Although it is widely used for decompression sickness, there is no research that it is an effective or safe treatment for autism. Chelation therapies, too, have been criticized because patients may suffer from kidney failure or even death through the process in which heavy metals are drawn out of the body.

The biggest target from the FDA warning are the makers of a product called “Miracle Mineral Solution.” The creator of the product argues that he has found the answer to a range of medical problems like malaria, cancer, herpes, and even AIDS. His solution is a citrus juice and sodium chlorite blend. Patients who have used the mix reported serious vomiting, low blood pressure, and nausea after drinking the product.

Warnings and accurate labels are critical for medical treatments and devices, especially those that promise improvements or cures for patients with serious medical afflictions. The growing interest in autism and autism therapy makes a rich market for such products that promise a “cure-all” solution. However, these products may end up hurting patients far more than they help.

Sadly, many families find out too late they have been swindled and may even notice other side effects that can affect a person's day to day life. If you or someone you know has been injured by a device or treatment that did not work properly, please contact an Illinois defective medical device attorney today.

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