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Heart Health Risks for Low-T Testosterone Patients

Posted on in Defective Medical Devices

Drug companies have attempted to capitalize on a market of men interested in improving their libido and life satisfaction with a treatment known as Low-T testosterone therapy. But that treatment is raising eyebrows from the FDA. With increased scrutiny surrounding defective medical devices and treatments amidst reports of heart problems from patients who have undergone the therapy, the FDA stands poised to evaluate the manufacturing companies.

Two studies about such therapies have already found that the treatment increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death. A patient contemplating receiving the therapy should fully investigate the claims from other patients and really consider whether it is worth taking on such a major risk.

Also, a healthcare professional should always be consulted before making the decision to undergo this kind of therapy, but even what seems like an informed decision can leave a patient seriously hurt.

Since little research has been completed about the short term and long term impacts of this treatment, it is not entirely clear who will be affected by the higher chance for heart attacks, strokes, and death. This means that it is difficult as of yet to determine who will be injured, thus making the product extremely dangerous.

What is known is that patients over the age of 65 who took the treatment doubled their heart attack risk. Another study found that users increased their heart attack risk by one-third simply by undergoing the therapy.

Regardless of the final numbers, it is clear that Low-T testosterone therapy puts patients in peril. Unfortunately, very little awareness and education has helped to spread the word about the dangers of such treatment.

In the meantime, numerous users around the country have elected to receive the therapy in the hopes that it would help them. Some learned only too late that there are major costs associated with Low-T testosterone therapy. If you have been injured, contact an Illinois defective medical device attorney today.

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