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How Long Will It Take for My Illinois Car Accident Case to Settle?

 Posted on August 23, 2023 in Car Accident

Arlington Heights, IL car accident lawyerOne of the most common questions that our clients who have filed car accident claims ask is how long it will take for their case to settle. There are a variety of factors that impact the length of time for a case to resolve, either by settlement or by trial. The following is a brief overview of these factors. For more detailed information regarding your particular situation, speak to one of our Illinois car accident attorneys.

How Severe Are the Injuries?

One of the most important factors in a car accident claim timeline is how severe the injuries you sustained are. The timeline will most likely be sped up if you sustained minor injuries. If you have sustained more serious injuries, it will take longer to determine whether your injuries will leave you with long-term or permanent health issues. If the case settles too soon, you could lose out on the financial compensation you are entitled to for future medical care and disabilities.

Who Is Liable for the Crash and Injuries?

Another factor in determining how quickly a case will settle is how evident fault for the crash is. The more complex the case, the longer it can take to reach a resolution. If the other party disputes their liability or there are multiple parties involved, this could cause the timeline to be extended.

How Cooperative Is the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company?

In most car accident cases, the at-fault party’s insurance company will pay damages to the injured party. How cooperative the insurance company is will also greatly impact how quickly a settlement can be reached. If the insurance company drags its feet in conducting its investigation, fails to negotiate in good faith, tries to blame the injured party for the crash, or engages in any other delay tactics, this can result in a long negotiation process and could even result in litigation if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

What Type of Evidence Is Available?

The more evidence a car accident attorney can gather, the stronger the case he or she can build for their client. The stronger the case, the quicker the at-fault party’s insurance company will likely want to settle and not risk a jury trial and verdict. Some of the key pieces of evidence include police reports, medical records, witness statements, photographs, and videos. However, this gathering of evidence can take time, causing a delay in the settlement process.

Contact a Rolling Meadows, IL Personal Injury Lawyer for Legal Assistance

If you have been injured in a crash, make sure you have an aggressive Arlington Heights car accident attorney advocating for you. Call Newland & Newland, LLP at 847-797-8000 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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