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Illinois Law Enforcement Takes Action Against Distracted Driving

Posted on in Car Accident

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Since cell phones became a part of our daily lives, distracted driving car accidents have skyrocketed. The numerous alerts, phone calls, and social media posts that we can scroll through and respond to have led many drivers to prioritize their notifications over their safety on the road. Many drivers may be willing to place themselves at risk to quickly respond to a text or answer a call, but they often forget that momentarily looking away from the road places other motorists at risk of injuries as well. For this reason, Illinois law enforcement has stiffened the penalties tied to distracted driving and one county has set up a special program to tackle this offense.

What Is Considered Distracted Driving?

There are three areas in which one can get distracted while driving: visual, manual, and cognitive. When you take your eyes off the road to grab something in your purse or send a quick text response, you are visually distracted. Manual distractions include anything that takes one or more hands off the steering wheel to perform an action, such as picking up a cup of coffee or your cell phone. Cognitive distractions occur when you are not paying attention to the road or what is going on around you. This may cause you to disregard the speed limit or fail to notice a car stopped right in front of you. Illinois stiffened its distracted driving penalties in 2019 by banning the use of handheld devices and labeling the penalty as a moving violation. These moving violations go on your record and just three in one year can lead to your driver’s license being suspended. This Illinois law prohibits the following:

  • Reading, sending, or receiving text messages or communication and browsing the Internet while behind the wheel.

  • Using handheld devices while behind the wheel.

  • School bus drivers and those under the age of 18 using a cell phone at all, even hands-free.

  • The use of any device, even hands-free, in a school speed zone and road construction zone.

Distracted Driving Enforcement Program

With over 2,840 people killed by distracted drivers in 2018, Illinois has severely cracked down on their restrictions of those behind the wheel, including when sitting at a stoplight. One southern Illinois county is taking additional precautions to help reduce distracted driving incidents in their area. In the month of September, Illinois State Police in Jasper County will conduct Distracted Driving Enforcement Program patrols to attempt to prevent traffic deaths and serious accidents. Although this program may be implemented in southern Illinois, police officers throughout the state are on the lookout for those violating the law. 

Contact a Rolling Meadows Car Accident Lawyer

As you can see, distracted drivers cause numerous accidents and the state of Illinois intends on holding these guilty parties accountable for their actions. Injuries caused by distracted driving can be even more devastating since the crash could have been completely avoided if the negligent driver was paying attention. At Newland & Newland, LLP, our legal team fights for the rights of those who have been injured in all types of vehicle collisions. Our tenacious Palatine personal injury attorneys have nearly three decades of experience helping Illinois residents collect the compensation that they deserve. If you have been injured and believe distracted driving may be the reason, contact us today at 847-797-8000 to schedule your free consultation.








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