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Man sues diabetes medication manufacturer

 Posted on January 26, 2013 in Drugs

Doyle Swafford ended up filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of his type 2 diabetes medication called Actos after he suffered from severe side effects. Swafford took the case to Cook County Circuit Court, saying that there is a link between the use of Actos medication and the development of baldder cancer, which is one of the side effects recognized for the medication. A story on the case can be found at injurylawyer-news.com.

Doyle Swafford filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals, saying their diabetes drug was the cause for bladder cancer. The suit named Takeda Pharmaceuticals, et. al. And Eli lilly & Company as defendants the suit.

Swafford's lawsuit claims that Takeda and Eli Lilly knew about the linkg between Actos and an increased risk of cancer before the drug was ever released. In Swafford's opinion, patients were not adequately warned about the risks involved in taking the drug.

Allegedly, there was evidence linking the medication to a heightened risk of bladder cancer, but the manufacturer did not warn the public of the risk.

According to the lawsuit filed by Swafford, the manufacturers were negligent, and that the defendants in his case willfully kept the knowledge of increased of cancer to themselves.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a defective medical product or drug, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney. A knowledgeable medical liability attorney can help you build your case if you have one, so do not hesitate before contacting an attorney in your area. Our Illinois attorneys are ready to help, as soon as you contact our offices for a consultation.

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