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Medical Malpractice Leads to Leg Amputation

Posted on in Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice Leads to Leg Amputation

In 2012, 65-year-old Elgin, Illinois resident and Vietnam war veteran Bill Hein was admitted for what the doctors called a routine surgery to treat his prostate cancer. The surgery happened in June of 2012 at Sherman Hospital. The procedure itself went smoothly. Afterward, Mr. Hein began to experience pain his left leg, but when he complained about it to the nurses, they said it was “normal postoperative discomfort.” What followed was a series of avoidable, disastrous events that unfortunately resulted in the amputation of Hein's left leg above the knee. His pain persisted, but his doctor ordered the wrong type of test. The next day another doctor ordered another test, but failed to request the results in a timely manner. At no time was the appropriate type of doctor, a vascular surgeon, contacted. Had that happened, appropriate tests and measures (another surgery) may have been taken, and Hein's leg could have been saved. Sadly, those steps were not taken. Eventually another surgery was ordered, and Hein was subjected to nearly two weeks of attempts, but his leg was dying. At the end of the nearly two grueling weeks, Hein's left leg was amputated above the knee.

The Aftermath

Years of pain, litigation, and loss of quality of life followed Hein's horrendous experience at the hands of his medical providers. In May of 2018, nearly six years later, Hein was awarded $6.3 million dollars despite attorneys for the hospital arguing that his leg could not have been saved. This substantial award will no doubt ease the burden on Hein and his loved ones, but it can not bring his leg back.

Hein's life has been irreparably altered by the bungling of those who could have easily prevented this medical disaster. The $6.3 million was considered to be the largest medical malpractice award in Kane county's history. The jury determined that this was appropriate as punishment for the hospital and to compensate Hein for his pain, suffering, and the new adjustments he must make moving forward to simply engage in what many of us would consider routine daily activities. Thankfully, Hein's prostate cancer is in remission.

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