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What is Metallosis?

Metallosis is a side effect experienced by some individuals who have metal on metal hip replacements. It results from metal corrosion and release of wear debris from the device into the body of the patient. For the patients who underwent surgery to receive metal hip replacements, what they hoped would make their lives easier could actually end in pain, suffering, and a defective medical device lawsuit.

Hip resurfacing techniques were developed in the 1970's with the goal of limiting bone resection, risk of dislocation, and wear, but the method that was used had a high failure rate, bringing researchers back to the drawing table. Since then, hip resurfacing reemerged in the 1990's with what seemed like positive results. After patients began going through the hip replacement process, however, there were multiple impacts on patients who were given defective hip replacements.

As the metal hip works in the body, it runs the risk of breaking down and releasing metal into the body, especially the areas surrounding the hip. Patients can develop metallosis in just one hip even when they had underwent a bilateral hip surgery. A doctor can diagnose metallosis by looking an X-ray. This image will show cloudy or dark fluid around the hip joint. Many patients come to their doctor after feeling unstable with the hip device, hearing new and strange sounds from the device itself, or experiencing sudden hip pain that was not present prior to or immediately following hip replacement surgery.

Female patients, individuals with bilateral implants, patients with kidney issues, persons with high levels of physical activity in their everyday life, overweight individuals, and those individuals with suppressed immune systems all face an increased risk of post-hip replacement conditions and side effects. Two patients who underwent the same surgery may even have different levels of metal ions in the body afterwards, so it's crucial to seek attention for the issue quickly. If you have been struggling with pain after a metal hip replacement, contact an Illinois defective medical device attorney today.

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