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OTC Diet Supplement may have Hidden Dangers

Posted on in Drugs

People take over the counter pills for many ailments like headaches, colds and allergies. With summer coming up just around the corner, people also take dietary supplements to assist in weight loss to look better in their swimsuits. Also wedding season is beginning soon, when brides try desperately hard to look good in their dresses on the best nights of their lives. The bad news is that some defective drugs are on the shelves while they are being checked by the FDA.

A company in California named Green Planet, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of one of their products on March 11th of this year after being sold to distributors and wholesalers from October 2012 up until the recall. The product was a diet pill marketed as the “Night Bullet”. It was found to contain small amounts of a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. This recall comes on the heels of the final test run on this supplement by the Food & Drug Association when the trace amounts were noticed.

The active ingredients in ED medicine are dangerous to people who are taking other prescription drugs. For example, it can interact badly with the nitrates in certain prescription drugs which treat diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. Side effects may include dangerously low blood pressure, headaches and flushing.

The FDA is responsible for the monitoring of all food and drugs used by consumers to protect them from danger. If you have taken a drug that has been recalled and you have experienced dangerous side effects then you can seek damages against the drug company's negligence. Contact an experienced defective medical attorney in Cook County today who can review your case.

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