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Safeguarding Against Slip-and-Fall Risks During Spring in Illinois

 Posted on March 31, 2023 in Slip and Fall

arlington heights premises liability lawyerSpringtime in Illinois is more than a little magical. Not only does the world bloom before one’s very eyes, individuals who have long been stuck indoors start to venture out again. Although everyone perceives the burdens of winter to some degree or another, individuals who have limited mobility or who otherwise cannot easily travel on snow and ice tend to feel the brunt of the winter months more than most. As a result, these individuals tend to be particularly eager to get out in the spring. However, they need to take certain precautions to avoid slip-and-fall injuries when they do.

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Happen When Property Owners Are Negligent

Most people are cognizant of winter slip-and-fall hazards. However, less attention is given to the kinds of conditions that pedestrians and other non-motorized travelers encounter when moving from here to there in the springtime.

As a result, it is important when traveling by foot to regularly return your gaze to the ground in front of you. Otherwise, you may not notice that the sidewalk is cracked, that rain or runoff has started to turn to ice as the temperature drops (yet again) to freezing, or that tree roots and other plant-based life that has not been addressed since the autumn is creating a slipping hazard in your path. Additionally, you will want to take particular care when entering a building, as moisture and mud tracked in by others’ shoes could make surfaces unusually slippery.

Property owners have a responsibility to manage safety hazards on their property. Yet, not all property owners treat this obligation with the seriousness that it requires. As a result, you will want to be extra careful when walking around in spring to better safeguard your well-being against their potentially negligent approach to property maintenance.

Connect with a Reputable Arlington Heights Premises Liability Lawyer to Learn More

If you or a loved one was not able to avoid the slip-and-fall risks of spring and you might have grounds upon which to file legal action against a property owner as a result, schedule a risk-free case evaluation with the compassionate Arlington Heights, Illinois premises liability lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP to better understand your rights, your options, and our firm’s approach to legal representation. We offer case evaluation appointments at no cost because we believe that every injury victim deserves to make informed decisions about taking legal action.

To get started, you can call our team at 847-797-8000 or you can submit a contact form on our firm’s website.




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