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Testosterone Therapy on the Rise

Posted on in Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy entices its users with the promise of increased muscle mass, boosted libido, increased energy levels, and sharpened concentration and memory. As men age, they begin to see testosterone therapy as a viable option to help them get back some of their youth. Testosterone therapy involves the taking of testosterone medicines to increase one's testosterone levels. However, as the different types of testosterone therapy products on the market increase, so has the increase in defective drug claims.

In Illinois, testosterone therapy claims were filed earlier this year, and many believe that there are many more on the way. Some of the many arguments from plaintiffs have been that they were insufficiently warned about the serious risks associated with testosterone therapy. These risks include blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. More specifically, these suits argue that testosterone manufacturers and producers have created deceptive and aggressive product marketing campaigns in order to entice consumers to engage in testosterone therapy. Furthermore, testosterone therapy products pose a particular problem for diabetics. Such therapies dramatically decreased blood sugar levels, which, for a diabetic, can cause rapid heartbeat, dizziness and blurred vision.

The Androgel Lawsuits

AndroGel, a testosterone gel created by AbbView and Abbott Laboratories, is one of the most commonly used testosterone therapies. AndroGel has been the subject of a number of testosterone suits. It has been asserted that AndroGel can result in an increased risk of enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer. If women or girls are exposed to the product they can experience severe side effects, and it may even cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Four different AndroGel lawsuits have been brought in the Northern District of Illinois, the state where AndroGel is manufactured. Plaintiffs in these suits claim that they have suffered strokes, heart failure, and heart attacks as a result of using the product. It is estimated that future testosterone therapy injury cases could range from the hundreds to thousands in the upcoming years. This is because in 2011 alone, over $5.3 million in testosterone therapy product prescriptions were written.

One of the main allegations presented in the AndroGel lawsuits involves the claim of deceptive marketing campaigns and advertisements. The FDA approved AndroGel for specific use for men with clinical hypogonadism. However, the manufacturers of AndroGel, Abbott Laboratories, revolved their advertising campaigns for the product around claims that AndroGel could be used for any man who was experiencing sadness, decreased sex drive or fatigue. It is asserted that these vague symptoms could technically apply to any person, and that because many men who were not suffering from hypogonadism were prescribed AndroGel, that countless men unnecessarily took AndroGel and other testosterone therapies.

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Are you concerned that your stroke, heart attack, or heart failure was caused by your use of AndroGel, or other testosterone therapies? Contact an Arlington Heights defective drugs attorney at Newland & Newland, LLP today. We can help you file a civil suit to help you secure the compensation that you deserve.

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