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What Are Common Occupations That Cause Workplace Injuries in Illinois?

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

Palatine workplace injury lawyer

Most people choose to work in occupational fields that do not put them directly in danger of suffering from serious or fatal injuries. When people think about “risky” jobs, many think of military members, police officers, and firefighters. Servicemen and women and law enforcement officers are praised for their sacrifice of choosing to face dangerous situations on a daily basis. While such positions do place these individuals in the line of fire, there are other occupations that can put employees at risk. These potentially hazardous jobs can result in workers’ compensation benefits for injured parties. 

What Are the Riskiest Jobs?

A dangerous job does not always mean an employee runs the risk of suffering from a bullet wound. There are many positions that require physical labor or have unsafe working conditions that cause serious injuries. According to the National Safety Council, 882,730 nonfatal workplace injuries occurred in 2017 alone. The data analyzed the nature of the injuries, the occupational field in which they occurred, and the event or exposure that caused the injuries. The field that had the highest number of injuries in 2017 was the Service industry with 211,650 injuries in a single year. The Transportation and Material Moving field followed with 178,270 injuries, and the Production industry held the third-highest number of injuries at 98,320 that same year. 

What Are Typical Workplace Injuries?

Many workers who are injured on the job suffer from sprains, strains, and tears, while other employees can experience severe soreness and pain. While these injuries may sound minor, they can prevent employees from performing to their fullest potential, and sometimes from working at all. Most of these injuries are entirely avoidable with a clean working environment and properly maintained equipment. Overexertion is a common cause of workplace injury. This can be avoided with proper breaks or taking time to rest frequently used muscles or joints. Being struck by objects or machine parts as well as trips, slips, and falls also top the list. These stats highlight the commonality of unsafe working environments and their effect on employee safety.

How Can I Apply for Workers’ Comp?

Illinois workers’ compensation coverage is required by Illinois law, meaning all employers are required to carry it, and all injured employees are eligible to receive such benefits. There are steps that must be taken in order to properly apply for the benefits. Anyone who is injured must seek medical attention for proof of his or her injuries. This should be done immediately to accurately record the type and severity of the injury. A report of the injury must then be given to the employer. It is important for the employee to keep all documentation regarding the injury and stay in touch with his or her company to receive updates on the status of the claim. If a claim is denied, the worker may seek further legal action on the matter by requesting an appeal.

Contact an Arlington Heights Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

The workers’ compensation benefits provided by an employer or insurance company rarely add up to the amount that injured workers deserve. Companies will often try to “underpay” injured employees, especially if the workers do not have legal representation guiding them through the process. At Newland & Newland, LLP, we understand that the funds provided through workers’ compensation could be your family’s only source of income while you are unable to work. Our experienced attorneys can help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled by Illinois law. If you have been hurt while performing your job, contact our Rolling Meadows, IL workplace injury attorneys at 847-797-8000 for a free phone consultation.






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