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What Are My Options if I Was Injured in a Winter Pedestrian Accident?

 Posted on January 19, 2021 in Pedestrian Accidents

Arlington Heights pedestrian accident attorneysWinters in Illinois can be harsh, and in addition to dealing with cold temperatures, people will also need to be aware of how weather conditions can affect their safety. Snow, ice, sleet, and slush on roads, driveways, sidewalks, and walking surfaces can make pedestrian accidents more likely, and those who have suffered injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle while on foot will want to understand who was responsible and how they can receive compensation for their damages.

Winter Pedestrian Accident Liability

In many cases, accidents in which pedestrians are struck by vehicles occur due to the negligence of drivers. During any type of weather, drivers should be sure to notice pedestrians who are walking near the road or crossing the street, and they should always drive safely and give themselves plenty of room to slow down or respond to sudden, unexpected movements by people on foot. During the winter, drivers should take extra precautions to avoid pedestrian accidents, including reducing their speed, keeping their vehicles maintained, and paying close attention to pedestrians and the conditions on the road.

Victims of pedestrian accidents may be able to recover compensation from a negligent driver who did not take the proper measures to prevent a collision. For example, a driver may not have accounted for reduced visibility during a snowstorm by slowing down, using their headlights, or ensuring that their vehicle was clear from the accumulation of snow on the windshield. In other situations, a driver may not have taken the proper steps to make sure their vehicle was safe to drive in the winter, such as by failing to replace worn tires or keep tires properly inflated. Other forms of driver negligence that can be especially dangerous in the winter include distracted driving and drunk driving.

Other parties may also be liable for pedestrian accidents. For example, if snow was not properly cleared from walking surfaces, a person may have been forced to walk close to traffic on the side of the road, or construction on a road or building may have cut off walking routes and placed pedestrians at risk of being struck by vehicles. In these cases, victims may be able to pursue compensation from a city government or construction company that did not take the proper measures to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Contact Our Palatine Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Negligent drivers and unsafe conditions can put pedestrians at risk of injury at any time of the year, but winter weather can make pedestrian accidents even more likely. At Newland & Newland, LLP, our attorneys can help you determine your best options for pursuing compensation for a pedestrian accident, and we will fight to make sure the parties who were responsible for your injuries are held liable for all of the damages you have suffered. To learn how we can help with your case, contact our Rolling Meadows personal injury lawyers at 847-797-8000 and schedule a free consultation today.





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