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What Are the Different Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Illinois?

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

Schaumburg workplace injury attorney

Workers’ compensation coverage is required by law in Illinois. That means that all employers must have workers’ compensation insurance that covers any employee who is injured while on the job. The amount of insurance premiums paid in the United States has seen close to a $10 million increase since 2011, changing from $35,664,230 in 2011 to $45,047,380 in 2017. This makes one wonder, are jobs getting more dangerous, or are more people being encouraged to seek compensation? According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nonfatal occupational injuries and illness incidence rates have been decreasing each year since 2003. Since the number of accidents have not increased, there must be another reason for the surge of net premium payments. Whether or not the increase can be attributed to educational efforts or improved knowledge of employees, it is important to know the different types of benefits offered in case of a workplace accident.

Types of Workers' Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits vary based upon the type and severity of the injury. There are four types of workers’ compensation benefits available to U.S. employees:

  1. Medical Only: 100 percent of an injured worker’s medical costs should be covered by workers’ compensation. A person will be eligible for disability benefits if they cannot work for at least four days because of their injury. If the lost work time is three days or less, medical costs will be the only portion covered.

  2. Temporary Disability: This type of disability is the most common type of workers’ compensation benefit. The benefits received depend on the duration and severity of the disability. These benefits are paid when a workplace injury or illness temporarily prevents an employee from going back to work for the same employer if the worker is otherwise qualified. In most cases, these benefits will end when the employee recovers and returns to work. However, if the employee returns to work for a lower pay due to his or her working ability after the injury, he or she may continue to receive benefits that will address this disparity.

  3. Permanent Disability: An employee is deemed to have a permanent total disability if his or her injuries prevent him or her from being able to work even after reaching maximum medical improvement. These individuals must be unable to work to qualify for such long-term benefits. There is another form of disability known as permanent partial disability. These workers must have suffered from physical injuries that permanently affect their working ability but do not completely keep them from working. In these cases, a person will be eligible to receive benefits based on the part of the body that was injured and the percentage of loss of that part of the body.

  4. Fatalities: In the event of a fatal injury or illness, benefits will usually cover funeral and burial costs, and the victim’s family or dependents will be eligible to receive ongoing cash benefits based on a percentage of the income the person would have earned. 

Contact an Arlington Heights Workers’ Comp Lawyer 

Workers’ compensation may be required of all businesses, but receiving the proper amount of workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult without the assistance of a legal professional. Some companies will try to avoid paying benefits, often by means of fraud. At Newland & Newland, LLP, we have over 60 years of combined experience protecting the rights of injured workers, and we believe that you should receive the benefits you deserve, regardless of the expense to your employer. If you have been injured while on the job, contact our well-versed Palatine workplace injury attorneys at 847-797-8000 for a free phone consultation.






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