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What if My Work Accident Exacerbated a Pre-Existing Condition?

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Palatine workplace injury attorneysA work accident such as a fall, caught-between accident, or equipment-related injury can cause profound suffering and financial distress. Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to reimburse an injured worker for work injuries that occur on the job. Although workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for all Illinois employers, getting the compensation you need and deserve after a work accident can be problematic—especially when the accident has worsened a pre-existing injury.

Work Injuries Can Make an Existing Medical Condition Worse

Most adults struggle with at least one health concern. They may have a bad knee from an old sports injury, degenerative disc disease, an inherited disorder, or countless other medical conditions. When a work accident worsens an employee’s medical condition, this is also covered by workers’ compensation insurance. However, workers’ compensation claims involving aggravation of preexisting conditions are often more complex than claims involving a brand-new injury or medical condition. Workers’ compensation insurance companies or employers may argue that the condition is unrelated to the accident or that the accident did not actually worsen the condition. The insurance company may deny your claim or offer you less than you deserve.

Fighting for Compensation for an Aggravated Health Concern

Aggravation of an existing medical issue can lead to painful, debilitating symptoms. The worker may need significant medical intervention including ongoing care like physical therapy. The worker may also be unable to work for months or years because of the accident. Some workers may be permanently disabled when a work accident exacerbates an existing injury. Workers’ compensation insurance should cover these losses.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation insurance companies typically want to minimize what they pay to injured workers. This means that you may have to fight to get what you deserve. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can help you demonstrate that your injuries are real and that they were caused or worsened by your accident. Your lawyer may work with experts including doctors, specialists, financial experts, or vocational rehabilitative specialists to support your workers’ compensation claim. Your lawyer may also use medical records and other evidence to argue on your behalf during your claim.

Contact a Palatine Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim because a work accident aggravated an existing medical problem or your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, contact Newland & Newland, LLP. Our Rolling Meadows workers’ compensation attorneys know what you are up against and how to advocate for you with the insurance company. We were able to secure two six-digit settlements for clients who had their prior medical conditions worsened by work incidents. Call 847-797-8000 for a free consultation.




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