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Rolling Meadows auto accident attorney

Although a wide range of injuries may occur in an auto accident, some are more common than others. Several factors can impact the severity of these injuries, including the speed at the time of impact, seatbelt use, and deployment of airbags. Read on to gain a better understanding of these injuries, their estimated healing time, and how to obtain fair compensation for the pain and suffering they have caused you and your family. 

  1. Head Injuries - Damage to the head can vary from lacerations and contusions to major concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Victims may bump their heads on the door or suffer cuts from loose objects in the vehicle, or their brains may suffer a strong jarring upon impact. The healing time for these injuries can vary significantly, ranging anywhere from a few days to several years. In some cases, the effects of an injury may be permanent, and they may include memory loss, seizures, or mood disorders.
  2. Soft Tissue Injuries - Muscles throughout the body can be strained during an accident, and a victim may suffer injuries to joints, tendons, or ligaments. One of the most common of these injuries is whiplash, which is a soft tissue injury to the neck. However, there are many other areas of the body that may be impacted. An arm or a leg may become entrapped and suffer from compartment syndrome, or the back may be strained from hitting the inside of the car door. Healing for these injuries tends to vary based on severity, and in some cases, they can result in permanent disability.
  3. Chest Injuries - Injuries to the chest can vary dramatically, based on the nature of the crash. A seat belt could cause bruising or broken ribs. A victim may also suffer internal damage to the heart or lungs, depending on the force of the collision.
  4. Broken Bones - Bones in almost any part of the body can be fractured during a car crash. Arms and legs may become entrapped, causing bones to break. Facial fractures may occur, especially if the victim hit his or her face on the dashboard or windshield. Healing times are often long, especially for compound and multiple fractures. It is also important to note that facial injuries may cause lifelong disfigurement.
  5. Spinal Injuries - Injuries to the spine are common in car crashes, particularly those experienced at high speeds. Healing time and prognosis can vary significantly depending on the severity of the injury, and in some cases, victims may suffer temporary or permanent paralysis.

Contact an Arlington Heights Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle collision, you will want to understand your options for pursuing compensation from the person who was responsible for the crash. At Newland and Newland LLP, we are committed to helping you and your family recover from your losses. We will assist you in determining liability for your damages, and we will work to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free phone consultation with our knowledgeable Palatine car accident attorneys. Call us at 847-797-8000 today.


Arlington Heights auto accident attorney

Side-impact crashes, otherwise known as T-bone or broadside car accidents, can be devastating for a vehicle's driver and passengers. In fact, researchers from the Monash University Accident Research Center determined that these crashes were more likely to result in death, killing between 8,000 and 10,000 people annually. Even more alarming is the fact that severe or fatal injuries can occur at speeds as slow as 30 miles per hour. For those who have been injured or whose relatives have been killed in a T-bone crash, it is important to understand the importance of filing a personal injury claim, as it may increase the odds of a fair and favorable settlement.

The Potential Aftermath of a Side-Impact Crash

In a front or rear crash, vehicle’s seat belts and airbags usually minimize the impact for any front-seat passengers. Unless the vehicle is equipped with side airbags, this is rarely the case in a T-bone crash. Victims may be thrown against the door of their vehicle, which can result in head injuries and fractures. The vehicle door may also crush in toward the victim, which can cause fractures, compartment syndrome, lacerations, and other serious injuries. 


Arlington Heights car accident injury attorney

Car crash victims sometimes sustain injuries that require them to seek medical treatment. Of course, this care does come at a cost. Who is responsible for these losses, and what can victims do to ensure their medical expenses are covered? Depending on the circumstances that led to your car accident, the other driver may be responsible for the cost of your medical bills. An investigation may be required to determine who is at fault. If the other driver was deemed responsible for the collision, then the liability for your losses (including medical expenses) will most likely rest with that negligent motorist. 

Covering Your Medical Expenses

Unfortunately, it can take time to recover compensation after your accident. If you need ongoing medical treatment, that wait could compromise your health. To ensure continuity of treatment, you may need to initially cover the costs yourself. If you have health insurance, you can file a claim while paying any co-pays or other related expenses. Alternatively, you may be able to file a claim under your auto insurance policy to make sure your medical expenses are covered while you await your personal injury settlement.


Arlington Heights car accident attorney

As is true in many cases involving injuries, it is not uncommon to think you are okay immediately after a car accident, apart from feeling shaken up by the impact. During these critical moments, you may not sense that there is anything wrong, as your perception of pain can be naturally subdued by the shock and adrenaline rush your mind and body have experienced in the collision. This is true for both minor and major car crashes. When you are stunned from a collision, it can take some time to sense the presence of any injuries. However, it is essential that you see a medical professional sooner rather than later so you can begin the recovery process. It is also important to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer who can determine liability for your accident and help you seek damages. 

Signs of Concussion Can Sometimes Be Overlooked

Even as the shock from the accident wears off, however, certain symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Not every injury is highly painful, and a concussion may instead manifest itself with general feelings of discomfort -- some mild, some more extreme. When the impact has this kind of effect, leaving you with a vague feeling that something is simply “off,” it is easy to dismiss these signs as just a mild case of whiplash or the aftermath of a crash. However, some of the symptoms you may experience can mimic signs of other, more serious injuries, particularly when it comes to damage to the brain. 


Arlington Heights car accident attorney compartment syndrome

Aches and pains after a vehicle collision are normal, since your body has absorbed a significant amount of force from the impact. However, in some cases, this soreness is caused by more than just minor muscle injuries, and it may indicate a more troublesome condition, known as compartment syndrome. This is an ailment in which pressure builds inside the muscle compartments. If left untreated, it can begin to cut off blood flow to the affected area, resulting in serious complications. Such injuries are usually seen in the legs, but they can also occur in the hands, arms, or feet. Compartment syndrome may be either chronic or acute; most cases resulting from an auto accident are acute, which can be more dangerous. 

Warning Signs of Compartment Syndrome

How do you determine if your injuries are typical or something more serious? Look for these signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome:

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