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Arlington Heights car accident injury attorney

One of the most common questions drivers or passengers struggle with when they are hurt in a car accident is whether their injuries are considered serious, or if they should be concerned about their long-term health. In many cases, when people have a headache or some aches or pains for a few days following an accident, they are tempted to brush the symptoms off with the hopeful assumption that they will soon be on the mend. However, severe and minor injuries alike can be tricky to assess, as some are subtle at first and then gradually worsen over time, while others are immediately noticeable.

Injuries That May Result in Long-Term Damage

While some car crash injuries are thankfully minor or temporary, others end up being catastrophic personal injuries that alter our lives forever. A few examples of such devastating injuries include:


Arlington Heights car accident attorney teen driver

The mere thought of your teenager experiencing a car accident or injury can be incredibly overwhelming, especially as you watch him or her venture out onto the open road as a new driver for the first time. Statistically speaking, the number of teen drivers has declined significantly over the past 30 years. According to a 2016 study, almost half of all 16-year-olds were licensed drivers back in 1983, but less than a quarter of teens had their license at this age in 2016. The increasing cost of insurance and fuel, paired with increased access to public transit systems and rideshare programs, are all believed to be at least partially responsible for this change. Yet, most teens do eventually get their license. In fact, almost two thirds of all 19-year-olds were documented as having their license in 2016. What do these trends mean for parents, and how can you help to ensure your teen is a safe and responsible driver, regardless of age? Below are a few tips for both parents and their kids when experiencing this milestone:

Set an Example

It is true that children tend to mimic their parents, even as they get older. Teens are also likely to ignore advice when their parents’ actions are contrary to their words. In short, one of the best ways to help your teen be a safe and responsible driver is to practice what you preach. Do not use your cell phone while driving, and avoid all other distractions like applying makeup or eating behind the wheel. Obey traffic laws and resist the urge to speed or act aggressively toward other drivers. Not only will you reduce your own risk of experiencing an accident, but you will also show your teen that driver safety really is the number one priority. 


Arlington Heights pedestrian accident attorney

Whether you are a driver, bicyclist, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, every time you venture out onto the open road, you are at risk for accidents and injuries. It is important to remember that everyone shares the same roadways and has the same rights by law. Depending on your mode of transportation, however, you may have different disadvantages that make you more susceptible to injury in a collision. Whether you are involved in a car accident or a motorcycle accident or have been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, you should be sure to understand your options for pursuing compensation for your injuries. It is also important to understand the steps drivers and others on the road should take to decrease the chances of a collision, since failure to follow the proper safety procedures can lead to a driver being held liable for the injuries and damages that are caused in an accident.

Proactive Steps Drivers Should Take to Avoid Accidents

  1. Practice the three- to four-second rule - This classic defensive driving technique exists for a reason -- it is proven to work. Drivers should be sure that they are following the vehicle in front of them at a safe speed and distance, and they can do so by counting to three or four seconds to measure the time needed to reach the same point on the highway that a vehicle in front of them has passed. Using this technique will help drivers maintain a safe pace while driving and allow adequate time to brake suddenly if a vehicle slows down or stops unexpectedly.


Arlington Heights multi-car accident attorney

Even when motorists practice safe driving techniques, crashes are a fact of life. Winter weather conditions can sometimes cause a chain reaction if cars start to slide on icy roadways and cannot stop. In other scenarios, speeding or distracted driving may lead to a collision. While many auto accidents involve just one or two vehicles, multiple-vehicle car accidents do occur. In these instances, it can be difficult to determine who is truly at fault for the crash, which can complicate the recovery process for the victims. Thankfully, injured parties can recover compensation with help from the law and a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Who Is Financially Responsible in a Crash?

In Illinois, innocent victims of a crash have the right to seek compensation from the person (or persons) who caused the accident. This responsible individual is otherwise known as the “at-fault party.” It is also important to know that there can be multiple at-fault parties in a crash. The amount of compensation that each liable party must cover is determined by their percentage of fault in the crash.


Arlington Heights car accident lawyer

There are a wide variety of risky driving behaviors that can result in car accidents, including speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving. In many cases, serious injuries can be avoided by proper seat belt use. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), wearing a seat belt properly is one of the single most effective things you can do to protect your safety in the event of a crash. A simple act of prevention can go a long way, and seat belts can protect against injuries and may even save a life in an automobile accident. However, serious injuries can occur even when a person is wearing a seat belt, and car accident victims should work with an attorney to determine their legal options for recovering compensation from a driver who was at fault for a collision.

Proper Seat Belt Use Defined

Statistics in recent years have shown that out of over 37,000 people who were killed in car crashes, 47 percent of them were not restrained by seat belts. Within the span of a single year, related studies showed that seat belts were responsible for saving nearly 15,000 lives, and over 2,500 more lives could have been saved if the drivers had been wearing their seat belts. What exactly is proper seat belt use, and how do you know if you are buckling up safely? Here are some general guidelines every motorist should follow:

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