Medical Products Liability Posts in January, 2014

Federal Judge Throws Out Abilify Lawsuit

Early this month a federal judge dismissed a defective drug lawsuit against Bristol-Myers Squibb, maker of the drug Abilify. According to the judge’s ruling, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held responsible for providing detailed instructions to doctors on how to monitor the symptoms of dystonia....
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Mirena IUD Parent Company Named in Lawsuit

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a commonly preferred method of birth control used by many women, suggested for use in women who have had at least one child. According to WebMD, “an IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones.” It is implanted into the uterus by a medical professional, and stays in place, releasing hormones on a schedule for up to five years....
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Dietary Supplement Mass Destruction Leads to Liver Failure

In late December, a previously healthy 28-year-old man from North Carolina experienced liver failure that required a transplant after several weeks of using a dietary supplement called Mass Destruction. According to their website, the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers to immediately stop using” this product, “marketed as a dietary supplement for muscle growth.” The supplement, which contains at least one synthetic anabolic steroid, has been linked to the liver failure of the North Carolina man....
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Negative Side Effects of Infuse Bone Graft Continue

Medtronic Inc. devised a bone graft device known as Infuse Bone Graft, which hit the market in 2011. As of mid-2013, the Infuse had been used in millions of surgeries across the nation, touted as a safer alternative to a bone graft after spinal surgery....
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Company Fined $2.2 Billion Over Defective Hip Implants

In an attempt to settle thousands of defective medical device lawsuits over its recalled hip implants, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy has agreed to pay at least $2.47 billion. Patients have told a judge while outlining an accord, however, that the final settlement may be worth more than $4 billion total. The global health care company recalled 93,000 defective ASR hip implants in 2010. Doctors and patients began complaining that the implants are weak and internal company documents have shown that 37 percent of the implants fail within 5 years....
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FDA Warns Stress Test Drugs may Cause Heart Attacks

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that two chemicals that are used in heart stress tests can cause heart attacks and can also cause death. The chemicals, Adenoscan and Lexiscan, are both manufactured by Astellas Pharma US Inc....
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