Medical Products Liability Posts in May, 2014

Boston Scientific Receives Subpoena for Defibrillator Devices

Boston Scientific (BSX) recently announced that it received a subpoena on May 5 from the Department of Health and Human Services. The subpoena asked the company for information about the performance of its implanted defibrillators. Defibrillator devices are used to shock racing hearts back into a normal rhythm during cardiac emergencies, some of which may injure patients....
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Testosterone Drugs for “Low-T” Investigated by the FDA

Men across the country are subjected to television and radio ads selling drugs that treat Low-T levels in the body. Men are told that their low libido, lack of energy, and inability to play sports can be fixed with testosterone drugs. Now, the FDA is examining issues that include an increased risk of heart attacks in men who receive testosterone treatments for their Low-T....
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When to Consider Hip Revision Surgery

If you have been implanted with a metal-on-metal hip implant, and you are suffering from pain or other problems, you are not alone. The FDA has received numerous reports about these devices, which lead to the creation of an entire website containing information on what to do if you have been hurt....
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What is Postmarket Surveillance?

There is no shortage in advertisements seeking those who have been injured during the use of medications or medical devices. As a result, the FDA is pushing for stronger guidelines when it comes to the postmarket surveillance of these products in an effort to reduce the number of defective devices used by patients....
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FDA Warnings Issued to Autism Therapy Companies

Official warnings have been handed out to several companies advertising autism therapies and cures. Five total treatments were flagged in the statement from the FDA, which was announced during Autism Awareness Month. While some of the therapies are noted as useful medical therapies, there have not been scientific studies that show a connection to autism improvement....
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Medical Device Recalls on the Rise

The total number of defective medical device recalls in the past decade represents a significant increase, and it raises the question of whether more people are reporting issues or if there are simply more design defects putting patients at risk. Defective devices can injure patients and cause serious physical and mental repercussions when the device does not operate properly....
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