Medical Products Liability Posts in June, 2016

Seeking Compensation After Suffering from an Undeclared Allergen in Food

Harmful bacteria is not the only reason that victims become ill after eating certain foods. Sometimes, individuals suffer from allergic reactions from eating specific foods. These reactions can range from fairly benign, like itchy red eyes and a runny nose to anaphylaxis, the intense swelling of the throat, tongue, or other area of the body often accompanied by fever, vomiting, and low blood pressure....
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FDA Announces its Fifth Annual Reportable Food Registry

Every year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releases its Reportable Food Registry. This is an electronic registry that lists all reportable foods that were submitted to the FDA during the five-year reporting period. The fifth edition, chronicling all instances of reportable food made between September 2009 and September 2014, came out in May 2016....
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The Federal Tort Claims Act: Making a Claim against the United States of America in Tort

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is one of the earliest forms of Tort Reform. While today, most FTCA claims are against the Post Office, the FTCA finally came to fruition after a tragic, 1945 event where a United States Military bomber pilot crashed into the Empire State Building. The pilot who was flying service men from Massachutes to Laguardia Airport flew his plane through thick fog, attempted to land in Laguardia Airport without clearance. Flying with near zero visibility, he crashed his plane into the Empire State Building. The crash killed fourteen, including the pilot himself....
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General Mills Announces Flour Recall Amid E.Coli Outbreak

In late May 2016, General Mills issued a recall for some of its flour products, citing concerns that they could be contaminated with E.Coli bacteria. This came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracked 38 instances of illness related to E.Coli O121, a specific strain of the bacteria. These instances occurred in 20 states between December 2015 and May 2016. Approximately half of the affected individuals who were investigated linked their illness to homemade baked goods, some of whom used General Mills flour....
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