Medical Products Liability Posts in June, 2017

Trader Joe’s Recalls Granola Products Amid Concerns of Listeria Contamination

In June of 2017, Trader Joe’s recalled a few of the granola products it carries, including one of its store brand products, due to concerns that they could potentially be contaminated with listeria. No cases of food poisoning involving these products have been reported yet, but Trader Joe’s has proactively opted to recall the products and offer full refunds to any individuals who return them to a Trader Joe’s store. Which Products were Recalled? The recalled products were:...
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Common Mistakes When Suffering From Food Poisoning

When you are suffering from food poisoning, whether it is a case of Salmonella, Listeria, or another type of illness, you can make the illness easier or more difficult for yourself through your choices. Always put your health and safety first, which can be easier said than done for many individuals with work and family obligations. Ignoring your health when you are suffering from food poisoning can make your condition worse and potentially subject you to complications like dehydration and permanent organ damage....
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California Man Dies After Contracting Botulism from Nacho Cheese

The story of the man who died from contracting botulism as part of an outbreak in northern California hit the news recently, making food poisoning and safe food handling procedures a national discussion. In total, nine people were hospitalized as a result of becoming ill with botulism after consuming nacho cheese sauce purchased from a gas station near Sacramento in April 2017....
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