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Low T Therapy: Medical Breakthrough or Unnecessary Risk?

Testosterone therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years as discussions of male hypogonadism have become more commonplace. Male hypogonadism occurs when a man has low levels of testosterone, shorthanded as low T.

To help overcome low T levels, men undergo testosterone therapy to help the body produce the correct levels of hormones that it would not otherwise sufficiently produce.

According to DrugWatch.com, testosterone therapies are an extremely popular treatment, yet recent research has shown that these types of therapies are inextricably linked to higher risks of heart failure and attacks.

The problem, according to DrugWatch.com, is that more than four times as many men were taking these drugs in 2011 as compared to 2000. “Experts estimate that sales of these products could reach $5 billion by 2017.” It is estimated that men in the U.S. collectively spend more than $2 billion annually on low T therapy.

However, one cannot ignore the link to increased risk of heart attack or failure. A Fox News report from earlier this year states that some critics of Low T therapy claim the entire industry is simply a “pharma sales rep's dream come true.” Ads claiming that this type of drug treatment can change a doughy, middle-aged, tired man into a vigorous athlete and lover have saturated the airwaves in recent years, and there is some doubt that the treatment can actually deliver the results it promises.

Low T levels are natural, reports Fox News. Men lose about one percent of their testosterone level every year after they turn 30. A “normal” testosterone level can vary wildly depending on the person. And the medical community has not reached a consensus on what low T level is actually too low. Claiming that an undisputed fact (that men's testosterone levels drop with age) can be cured with simple hormone therapy makes for easy marketing – especially when the risks associated with it are less publicized than their potential cures.

If you have undergone low T therapy in Illinois and have had negative side effects – whether heart problems or any other – you may be eligible for compensation. Do not go through it alone. Contact an Arlington Heights defective medical treatment lawyer today.

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